Young artist with a heart for geek culture and sustainability. I accidentally make cute things.

Some of my favourite art pieces

Artemis Autumn Catradora Christmas Dragon Glimmer Halloween Horns Hotnoi Kitten Mermaid Robin RobinVanna Rogue Spacekitten Stream-Avatar ThanZag Working Yavaenae Zagreus

Art Commissions

Yes, I do art commissions! I'm open to different styles and ideas, but I will not draw hateful art or too much gore, and exceptional requests may differ in pricing from normal commissions. I have limited commission spots each month.

So how can you reserve a commission spot? Fill out your request in my commission form and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Art by Vanna Commissions

Keep in mind that:

  • If I'm not comfortable with your art request or are fully booked, I will not take the commission.
  • All art is my Creative Property. You are not allowed to resell art or use my art for commercial usage unless specifically agreed upon.
  • I may want to use your commission in my portfolio, during my art streams or otherwise.
  • Payment is done through Paypal, Tikkie or direct wire transfer and on a commission contract basis.
  • I do watercolours as well, feel free to request pricing for this!

About Art by Vanna

I'm a self-taught artist with a love for gardening, games and fantasy. I live in the Netherlands with my partner and our two cats. Outside of art, I have a full time job as well as a large garden plot to look after. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you can chat with me live on my art and game streams. My boyfriend and I have a Youtube channel where we share our love and knowledge about gardening, hiking, and geeky things!

Do you have an awesome idea that you'd like me to draw? I have a couple of commission spots each month. Check out my prices in the commissions section and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.